2017! No wonder my life’s such a mess!

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12FU are still a 3 on the floor 1.2.3-4 ramones punch and songs that dont go on.. and on..

Jamie watts has been lending his drumming skills to strawberry fist cake this year, so 12FU have back burned to catch our breath..

Album in the works. New material too.

This year started with a hopefull attitude. I did solo shows with frenzal rhombs lindsay. As i was waiting for Rupert murdock to throw me a few numbers, things in my musical world took their toll. Bass player gone into the wild. We loved ryan’s musical talents. Shame.. Anyone who caught 12FU with ryan on bass caught us on a roll. Then splat!

Since ryan disappeared, Duane pipe (wrong turn) has helped. We have bass! Ryan was doing us a lot of favours, Duane is sharing himself to 3 working bands a week. So, theres a slow down at the station.

We keep working on it.

See you all soon






12FU official site

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12FU back. New line up!

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Jamie Watt on dddddddrums!

But who’s ¬†on third bass??
Heres a new demo:

12FU final gig

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Well, three years of ramoning around. 12FU played their last show with the original lineup at the Brunny a couple of weeks ago. Sad..
Anyway, it’s not the end. New lineup soon!


Hoi An

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Hoi An is heaven. It’s better than both the Bali and Thailand holidays I’ve had over the last couple of years.
Bangkok was good for shopping for cheap punk rock clothes, but Hoi An is like a beachfront/riverside old quaint Europe. Body surfing, nice waves, warm water, and the people are nice.
No problem getting vegetarian food. The ancient city is full of cheap eats. Use foursquare if in doubt.
Ho chi Minh has over 400 commonwealth bank ATMS, but none in hoi an.
My nab card worked in hcmc, but not here.

Don’t bother with the cities. Go to hoi an and get a place on the beach.

September 2014 grand final night

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Every year it’s hard to put on a show on grand final night. We couldn’t find a band to play, so I brought in Kareoke to fill the night after 12FU played to a small crowd.


It got messy! Drunkenly messy.. horrible sound. 


..speaking of Dorothy

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Last night at thge lyrebird lounge I heard about a guy who started a new job at the MARKET hotel in prahran, a popular gay joint. First night he had to clean up shit after some guys started a fisting conga line.