Ballarat and Geelong

ballarat sign

Ballarat sign

I recently shadowed my girlfriend to Ballarat and Geelong, two towns I havent seen since I can hardly remember..

Both towns were required visits when i was about 7 years old. Geelong beach had that unexploded mine to play with and Ballarat has Soverign Hill, Kryal Castle and that funny old house made of bottles and glass.

I only visited either towns in my early 20s. Geelong was always on the way to Torquay’s surf and the odd cool gig at the Barwon hotel. Ballarat was once home to an American car ealership, and I would often trample down there whenever one of those cars ended up in the Trading post. I was into late 50’s/early 60’s Chevoletes and American GM’s in general, so i’d chase down these cars whenever they showd up for sale, just to kick the tires.

Anyway, thats history, and I havent stepped out of Melbourne in years, so a visit to small town Victoria was a refeshing change.. Somewhere, along the highway, Laverton maybe, we passed a John Deere factory. There were rows and rows of shiny new tractors and Ride on mowers. Wanted to stop and play, but we couldn’t.. bah!
Here’s my quick rundown:


  • Ballarat seems to be a quaint friendly college town
  • What are these people eating? A lot of fat people.
  • Has some weird and cool shops
  • Lots of accountants and lawyers
  • Seems to be mainly Wasps living there
  • Still can find a car park in middle of town, no probs..
  • Gorgeous old buildings. Like  being in a western
  • Has the smallest Myer store i’ve ever seen
  • Has a a lot of old pubs, ClubX and a strip joint!


  • Victoria’s 2nd largest city!
  • Not as friendly as Ballarat
  • Has a sleazy mall with school kids drinking long-necks openly
  • Come 5:30 the place was deserted
  • Seems to be some punks.
  • Has a cool skate park
Shop display ballarat

Shop display ballarat

Ballarat pub from the gold rush days

Ballarat pub from the gold rush days

Geelong pier

Geelong pier

Geelong pier posts

Geelong pier posts


~ by headcaver on March 27, 2009.

One Response to “Ballarat and Geelong”

  1. ah! you mean Squid Quiddingtons American Autos ?
    he’s a Bandido I think.
    You might like Castlemaine – it’s the hot car capital.
    see you at Sams Big Gig 16/8
    peace and love from the ‘Rat

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