Wing Commander movie on youtube

Ok, my 90’s nerdo slipups are showing.

I was a big fan of the Wing Commander game series (DOS). I spent many a dusk to dawn session flying through the stars as a nerd gamer. I blame 90’s drugs.

Anyway, in 1999, the franchise tried to make a movie, and it failed as a game adaptation but rocked in its own right! I mean Saffron Burrows is hot in this trekkie flic, in a kinda Sigourney Weaver with a Lara Croft British accent way. The film is kinda like the last half hour of star wars crossed with Hunt for red october, Das boot or any other submarine film.  Instead of lasers they load torpedoes! It also boasts Mathew Lillard from SLC Punk!

See for yourself! It’s on Youtube in its entirity! Just follow on to the other parts (10 parts in all)


~ by headcaver on January 6, 2009.

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