What does R5 stand for?

From my memory, R5 means “region 5” – meaning the easten block DVD code. R5 dvd releases get distro much earlier than western versions to try and recuperate as much money as possible before pirates get their copies out (piracy is huge in russia). So an R5 movie release is sourced from a russian release of the dvd, so you get a dvd quality picture but the English audio is sourced elsewhere (usually from a mono recording in the cinema by a pirate)
So you getgood picture, crap sound.. All in all, better than screeners (telecined by amaures in a local cinema) which have crap everything.

I just found an interesting bit on R5 sources:

“R5 are made with a telecine machine from an analog source. Unlike a TC the digitization is performed by the studio itself with very professional (and expensive) equipment and usually from the original source. The purpose of it is to create a high quality digital copy (usually for a later DVD release). But unlike a DVD, an R5 is released before the digital post-processing is finished. The quality of the rips can differ, but an R5 can be almost indistinguishable from a DVDRip since many movies are published on DVD with minimal editing.”

So you wont be getting 5.1 surround sound baby!


~ by headcaver on December 14, 2008.

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