More nostalgia.. This time God Guns and Guts and Eat your head

Antipodean Underground blog has some interesting things I did on this page, as well as some other fine bands such as Stone Circus and Eastern dark.. The review of God guns and guts is funny..

God guns and guts was a project i started when I was band-less around 1989. I left Good and Evil because the singer was a dick. I started sampling bits and pieces and made a demo track that had gary glitter beats, samples of the six million dollar man and lou reed. I took it to a party and played it and people thought i had a new band so i joined up was Jason and Troy and started this drumless noise band called God Guns and Guts. Ollie Olsen’s “NO” was quite an influence at the time, so were Big Black, Foetus and The Swans.. The whole thing was pretty self absorbed.

Eventually we released a 7″ on my Lable “No Masters Voice”. The single got a bit of air on JJJ. In fact they were pretty good to us. The Heroin Heroine song was a fun track about the superhero feeling that junkies feel when they are high. It included sample of Lou Reed repeating “DEATH DEATH” as well as dogs barking et all.

Loki eventually replaced Jason on guitar. Troy went on to start Scourge. Loki runs Spooky records and mix’s a ton of bands both live and in the studio. He has become quite an asset to the Melbourne alternative music scene.


~ by headcaver on December 3, 2008.

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