Lamberti Brothers (REX) Bassking

I got this Lamberti Brothers (REX) Bassking as a kid in the 70’s off Tony Prowse – a family friend. I think he charged me $20. It saw me through my teen years as my main amp, got abused throughout the 80’s by my band and friend’s bands, beers tipped, spray painted, lent around to many inner city punk bands in the late 80’s, Transformer blown, fuses blown, components fried – each time the problem was fixed by Ross Giles who eventually hot-rodded the circuit to improve the sound. He also added a line-out for recording direct bass guitar.

Anyway, it’s over 40 something years old and recently wouldn’t power up. It also had been making noises so I benched the chassis this week and replaced the old Rubycon power caps with these.

The RIFA PEG124YL2470Q is a 105degC,450Vdc,47uF Cap. They sound really nice! The amp sounds brand new again!

Next to tweaking it.. The overall preamp stage sounded a bit fizzy, so I pulled the AX7 tubes and replaced them with AU7’s. Tamed the beast and mellowed out the fuzz to a rich & full clean tone. Of course it isn’t as loud now, but it’s actually a lot more usable. I simply use a distortion pedal when I need more overdrive. Great for both guitar and bass..

So now my old Bassking is back to do another 40 years of rocking!


~ by headcaver on October 24, 2008.

One Response to “Lamberti Brothers (REX) Bassking”

  1. Yeah. I’ve got a 50 watt head and 2 x 12 box that I got in around 1982 for 120 bucks and cant kill it. I only use it for guitars and find a Boss DS-1 and Digital Delay give it plenty of grunt though it drops off in tone after about 4. Not my main amp but use it for practise. What are these things worth now? Cheers. Jim.

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