Doctor at large! Note found on floor..

Apparantly, it’s a love note (probably passed during class?) Found this here..

Hey (name withheld),

Yes it’s recycled paper, but not white paper … and no I don’t know kungfu, don’t give me that look. Just that we as med students are in fact enemies of the Earth, the amount of paper we use is rediculous, so I switched to recycled paper for all my printings. I didn’t pick a pink sheet nor did I spray cologne over the paper, so sorry about that, I’m not that fancy. Actually I just got off from talking to you a while ago, and I’ve already started to miss you. Isn’t that crazy? I went through the stores and didn’t find a single card I like, so I decided to send you this instax pic (no it’s NOT polaroid, something a lot better) You can slide this into your wallet … or something else.

I don’t even know how we started, I’ve been thinking about that a lot, I stlil haven’t figured that out. I wonder how would it be, if I’ve never hit you up at first place. Where in life will I be, or will you be … I really cannot imagine. Christmas’ coming and it’s probably (illegible) make you even lonelier. You see people practising PDA and you think to yourself, hey I have a boyfriend too, he’s just so far away, literally at the side of the Earth … its funny we actually talked about having kids, though you would have freaked out, as you did with another guy who talked about moving in with you … well, it’s still a long way to go, but of course at some point we all want to settle down, that’s the ultimate goal of dating. I still haven’t figured out how I’m gonna tell my parents, I really don’t know, but at this point I still think they’ll like you a lot … if I’m a girl. I dunno, baby, I’ll just have to wait till I graduate & become financially independent. Okay let’s not go into that, I’ll go on for hours.

Not sure if you’re gonna open the pressie first of read this first (let me know, I’m interested). But I picked that tiny little boxer-slash-loungewear for your cuz it’s very, very gAsian. LOL. hopefully it’ll fit. I wear M, but I have a huge butt, so I figured it should fit you as well. Size L is way too loose and kills the fun = p

I couldn’t find the laychee jelly thing, supermarkets are all stocked up with Xmas packages and Chinese new year stuff, I’d would have to send them after the Holidays,

Merry Christmas, love.

(heart illustration) (name withheld).


~ by headcaver on January 25, 2008.

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