Some history on lorantz speakers

THIS listing on ebay noted some history on Lorantz speakers:


For those who still do not know, Lorantz is the company that was Plessey and Plessey was the company who i

n turn took over the ROLA plant. Rola-Celestion is the original manufacturer of the Greenback and other vintage speakers which were also tied in with JENSEN speakers. Lorantz is owned and operated by the original speaker designer and head engineer Mike at the old Plessey plant and all the original equipment, including cone molds, are installed at the Lorantz factory.


Here in Melbourne, Rola/Plessey/Lorantz supplied the speakers for the famous Goldentone line of amps among others and are highly sought after. This speaker on auction is the descendant of the Plessey C12P, the Rola/Plessey 12PEG, the Rola 12PUG and others. They are still made the same way even today- hand mixed paper and quality components throughout.











~ by headcaver on October 16, 2007.

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  3. I’m after the specs for the Rola 12u50s. I have 2 that I bought new back in 1972 and I want to make a new cabinet for them but I’d like to know how many cu feet and any other specs that are relevant. Any thoughts on who to contact?

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